Planning is underway for a roll-out of short and weekend courses that explore the development of cinema. The purpose of the courses is to make learning about movies as pleasurable as it is watching them.

The courses will span over one hundred years of film history and will introduce the talents behind and in front of the camera. All major achievements of the silent and sound periods will be examined.

The inimitable Serge Bromberg wrote, “Well, searching for films is like…..[being] a treasure hunter. You never know what treasure you’ll find. You want to go for more. You know there are more treasures to be found out there. That’s step number one. Then, step number two: you realize that the most important [thing] is not film hunting. The most important [thing] is audience hunting. Because a film only exists in the moment it is shown to someone.”

In a film course the role of the audience should be remembered and respected.

Please register your interest in updates about the courses at info@ozsilentfilmfestival.com.au.