Australia's Silent Film Festival

2021 Shows  
  • Restoring the audience with classic silent and sound films!  
  • The NSW Health Covid safety guidelines will apply to all sessions. These guidelines are subject to change. For the immediate and foreseeable future all bookings for the shows will be prepaid online before the sessions. No cash transactions will take place at the door.  
  • Movies at Manly©  
  • Coming to Manly in 2022, a wide selection of cinema treats including a number of Australian premieres of classic film restorations. All entertainment boxes ticked:the holiday season, beautiful Manly, live music, puppets, silver screen magic and movie friends. Details soon.  
  • In 1896 the first film shot, produced and screened in Australia was Marius Sestier's "Passengers alighting from the paddle steamer ferry Brighton at Manly Wharf."  
  • State Library NSW  
  • Sydney: State Library NSW Metcalfe Auditorium October 3 Sunday at 2pm. Details Soon
  • Sydney: State Library NSW Metcalfe Auditorium October 24 Sunday at 2pm. Details soon
  • Covid Safety Plan  
  • The State Library NSW maintains conditions of entry and is following guidelines as per the NSW Health checklist. All patrons who attend a session must comply with the current NSW Health guidelines and check in to the State Library using the QR code provided at the Library entrances.  
  • For the immediate and foreseeable future all bookings for our shows will be prepaid before the session through the Trybooking link on the right side of the website home page at the 'Buy Tickets' banner. No cash transactions will take place at the door.  
  • For the comfort and safety of our patrons and staff the Festival has made several operational changes:  
    * Physical distancing in the Auditorium leaving one seat between people. 
    * Stay home if unwell.  
    The NSW Health Covid safety guidelines will apply to all sessions. These conditions are subject to change.  
  • More details of these sessions and additional shows will be added to the website. Please stay in touch. 
      E: info@ozsilentfilmfestival.com.au 
      T: 0419 267 318 
  • Australia and the Silver Screen  
  • NFSA Tribute to Felix the Cat: Happy 100th birthday, Felix! Details at https://www.nfsa.gov.au/latest/100-years-felix-cat
  • CON COLLEANO, the world famous wizard of the wire: Mark St Leon and NFSA. Details at https://www.nfsa.gov.au/latest/con-colleano. Visit Mark's amazing new site, the Penny Gaff, at href=www.pennygaff.com.au.  
  • Tribute to the astonishing achievements of the late David Shepard in silent film preservation, restoration and presentation to world audiences. Details at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRH6-79k83I 
  • Rod Blackmore OAM and his wondrous tribute site to Australasian Theatre Organs. Details at http://www.theatreorgansaust.info/ 
  • Kev Franzi, Australian documentary filmmaker and elder statesman and historian of the film industry, operates the extraordinary Movie Museum and Electric Theatre . The Museum houses his unique Australian Cinema Heritage Collection and his latest venture, CinemaWorks. Details at http://www.cinemaworks.net.au/ 
  • Visit Nick Murphy's fascinating site dedicated to a number of the Australian actors who travelled to work overseas in the early part of the twentieth century. You will find detailed background on members of the original gumleaf mafia, Australians in Hollywood across the early decades of the movies! Details at https://forgottenaustralianactresses.com/ 
  • Quality cinema presentations since September 1896. In that month Marius Sestier gave private demonstrations of the Lumiere cinematographe at the Lyceum Theatre and presented the first exhibition of the cinematographe to the public at 237 Pitt Street, Sydney, the Salon Lumiere. 
  • "It's fun to find films, to restore them, but it's much, much more fun to restore the audience." Serge Bromberg 
  • "The audience was the final creative contributor to the process of making a film." Kevin Brownlow in the classic early cinema text, The Parade's Gone By. 

  • David Shepard
    In Memoriam

    Film Preservation Associates,
    Lobster Films, Paris

    ""How to explain that this Festival selection of eighty and ninety-year-old movies and their predecessor, the magic lantern show, will attract, engage and satisfy audiences in the 21st century? Above all, the organizers have selected excellent, valid works of film art.”

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